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Manhole Inserts

During an average rainfall, tens of thousands of gallons of clean water (Inflow) can enter a Sanitary Sewer Collection System through the manhole cover every minute. With treatment costs continuing to rise, that unnecessary expenditure of funds, over time, can become a rather large sum. Installing PARSON MANHOLE INSERTS under manhole covers can dramatically reduce those additional treatment costs. Customize our Inflow Cost Anaylsis to show how your municipality will save up to $734,688 in only 5 years of ownership. PARSON MANHOLE INSERTS are easy to install or remove and maintenance-free.

Plastic Manhole Insert: Our best selling manhole insert. Manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Basic style includes a heavy weight polypropylene strap. A factory installed closed-cell neoprene or cross-linked polyethylene gasket is available upon request.

Plastic Manhole Insert – V2P: Same material as our best selling manhole insert, but come equipped with 1 gas relief valve, 1 vacuum relief valve, a cross-linked polyethylene gasket and 1 heavy weight polypropylene strap.

Stainless Steel Manhole Insert: The“Cadillac”of the group. Manufactured from 18 gauge, 304 Stainless Steel. Standard equipment includes 1 heavy weight polypropylene strap, 1 gas relief valve and a neoprene gasket. One Plastic Coated Stainless Steel handle pop riveted to the insert with a #6 high grade Stainless Steel rivet are also available.

Parson Water Valve Box Inserts

A common problem with opening, closing or exercising water valves is that they are usually covered with dirt, grit, mud or stones, which makes the valve very difficult or impossible to operate. Time must be spent cleaning out the valve box before any other work can be done. Our PARSON VALVE BOX INSERT saves time and money by trapping the unwanted items that would normally enter the valve box, keeping the valve clean and ready for operation. It is manufactured from the same HDPE material as our Plastic Manhole Insert and includes 1 nylon lifting strap for easy installation or removal. Designed to fit Tyler 5 ¼” boxes, but other sizes may be available upon request.

Parson Odoreater Manhole Inserts

Unpleasant smells are just a part of the sewer business and the people who work in the industry accept it, for the most part. However, the residents in the community have a different idea of what is acceptable, especially when those smells are coming from manholes in their neighborhood. It may disrupt a backyard gathering or a front yard chat. Either way, it’s unacceptable and the municipality will most likely be getting a phone call. Correct the problem quickly, easily and permanently by installing PARSON ODOREATER MANHOLE INSERTS or PARSON ODOREATER CC MANHOLE INSERTS in those problem manholes.

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