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Manhole Rehabilitation Products
The most complete line of Manhole repair, Manhole Lining and Manhole Rehabilitation products on the market.

Leak Stopping Products for Manhole Rehabilitation

Hydraulic Cement

Parson Quick Plug
Fast-set cementitious product that hardens in about 1 minute.

Urethane Grouts

Parson Seal-Tite
Quickly stop up to 50 gpm of infiltration. Inject the 22 oz. tubes directly into leaks using a dual cartridge caulk gun.

Parson Hydro Grout
A tough, low viscosity, hydrophobic urethane that has reaction times of 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Parson Perma Seal
Our flexible, hydrophilic urethane that reacts in about 30 seconds.

Dry Oakum
A dry, twisted, jute oakum made in rope form without tar or oil.

Injection Ports
3/8" drive-in style.

Patching / Invert Channel Repair Products for Manhole Rehabilitation

Parson RPM
Fiber-reinforced, calcium aluminate based product that sets up in approximately 30 minutes. Great for patching problem areas in manholes.

Parsonpoxy FS1
100% solids epoxy coating that sets up in approximately 45 minutes for fast repair of manhole inverts.

Linings/Coatings Products for Manhole Rehabilitation

Parson MH Liner
Portland Cement based Microsilica enhanced, fiber-reinforced cementitious liner. With application thicknesses capabilities up to 3” in a single coat.

Parson CA Liner 100
Calcium aluminate, fiber-reinforced liner that can be applied up to 2” thick in one coat.

ConBlock MIC
Liquid additive to eliminate the growth of bacteria that causes Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC).

Parson CA Liner 100+
Pure fused 100% Calcium Aluminate Cement and Aggregate lining designed to protect both new and existing structures against H2S attack.

GeoLiner® Geopolymer Mortar
Geopolymer mortar designed to protect new and existing structures against H2S attack.

Parsonpoxy SEL-80
100% solids epoxy corrosion protection barrier applied at thicknesses up to 100 mils per coat. Easy application using a brush or single airless spray equipment.

Composite Liner System
Combines High Strength Mortar with a 100% solids Epoxy Corrosion Barrier in a same day application.

* For Contractors already in the manhole rehabilitation business, we have found our Manhole Linings & Coatings to be compatible with most equipment.

Manhole Chimney & Joint Sealants

Leaks through the joint between the manhole frame and the chimney is a common source of infiltration, but are seldom included in a rehabilitation project or repaired at all. We offer easy-to-use flexible epoxies or an EPDM rubber seal that will quickly and permanently stop infiltration through the manhole chimney joint. These products can also be used for sealing joints in precast structures.

Check out our cost analysis to see how much $$$ infiltration is costing you.

Parsonpoxy FP
PARSONPOXY FP is a flexible epoxy designed to absorb stresses created when cracks and joints move, which insures a watertight seal.

Flex Rib Seals
The FlexRib Seal is made from a premium quality rubber compound which is designed to withstand the corrosive environment present in a sanitary sewer manhole.

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