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Manhole Rehabilitation -
The Parson Process

Watch how quick and easy it is to rehabilitate a 10 foot deep manhole using our lightweight, air-driven spincaster. You don't need to enter the manhole during product application and no fancy equipment is required.

Stop High Volume Leaks Quickly with Seal-Tite
If you need to quickly stop up to 50 gpm of infiltration in manholes or other Wastewater Structures, this product is for you. Inject the 22 oz. tubes directly into leaks using a dual cartridge caulk gun and watch that leak stop before your eyes.

Active Leak Repair in Manhole with Quick Plug
Parson Quick Plug is a fast-set cementitious product that hardens in about 1 minute to stop small to medium size active leaks in manholes. It is inserted into prepared areas to stop leaks under pressure. Also ideal for repairing cracks in concrete and sealing around pipes and conduits.

Municipalities can PARSONIZE their manholes
We can teach Municipalities how to perform Manhole Rehabilitation work utilizing in-house personnel. Sign up for our exclusive equipment and product Training Program and let us show you how PARSONIZING can save your Municipality big bucks!

Manhole Leak Repair -
Stop Leaks with Hydro Grout

Hydro Grout is a tough, low viscosity, hydrophobic polyurethane that stops medium to high volume leaks and has controlled reaction times of 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Manhole Inserts -
How to Measure for Proper Fit

See how easy it is to prevent inflow. No special tools are required to install PARSON MANHOLE INSERTS. Just remove the manhole cover and clean the rim of the frame. Step by step instructions show how to take measurements needed to ensure proper fit.

Parsonpoxy Gun spray and Parsonpoxy P70 spincaster

Parson Environmental Product Overview
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